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Breakfast Menu

All breakfast items served with a choice of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Yoghurt with granola and fresh berries £5.50

On muffin or bloomer bread

Crushed avocado £6.95

Fried or scrambled or poached eggs £5.95

Add salmon or spinach or bacon for £2.65

Eggs benedict

Poached eggs with bacon on toasted muffin with hollandaise sauce £7.95

Boathouse breakfast £9.95

1Pork sausage,2 bacon, black pudding, choice of 1 egg (fried, scrambled or poached), hash brown, grilled tomato, portobello mushrooms, baked beans and choice of toast (white or brown)

Boathouse vegetarian breakfast £8.95

2 Vegetarian Lincolnshire Sausages, 2 eggs (fried, scrambled or poached) grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, baked beans and a choice of toast (white and brown)

Large Boathouse breakfast £11.95

2 pork sausages, 2 rashers of bacon, black pudding, 2 eggs fried, scrambled or poached), (2 hash browns, grilled tomato, mushrooms, baked beans and choice of toast (white or brown)

Small Boathouse breakfast £6.95

1bacon,1 sausage,1egg (fried, scrambled or poached),baked beans and choice of toast (white or brown)

Boathouse vegan breakfast £8.95

2 Vegan Lincolnshire Sausages, wilted spinach, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, hash brown and choice of toast (white or brown)

Bacon sandwich £5.95

Bacon and egg sandwich £6.95

Sausage sandwich £5.95

Sausage and egg sandwich £6.95

Egg sandwich £5.95

Toast and a choice of preserve £3.95

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