Entrees / Smalls


Bowl of original fries  £3.60
    Sweet potato fries  £3.60
Whitebait with tartare sauce  £5.60
    Bucket of Chicken goujons & sauce  £5.60
Crispy Scampi with fries & garnish  £6.95


Classic Light Mains

Garden of Eden Salad ( add Chicken £3.65)   £6.65


Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Salad with balsamic dressing  £10.90


    Ringwood Beer Battered Haddock & chips, tartar sauce

& mushy peas  £10.90

Boathouse Beef Burger with bacon & cheese,

lettuce & fries  £11.95

Boathouse Chicken Schnitzel Burger with bacon & cheese,

lettuce & fries  £11.95


 Boathouse deluxe Beetroot Burger with guacamole & coleslaw with

sweet potato fries  £11.95

Also available on request: various sandwiches


Trio of New Forest Ice Cream, meringue, choc shards & honeycomb sprinkle  £4.60

Chocolate Brownie, dusted & served with cream  £4.10

New York Cheesecake with berries & cream  £5.60

These prices have been reduced to reflect the lower rate of VAT



You should always advise your server of any special dietary requirements, including intolerances and allergies.

Where possible, our trained staff will advise you on alternative dishes.